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A Review of Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry is a film that is almost beyond criticism.  It is considered one of the greatest action films of all time, and in many ways signaled the end of Hollywood’s infatuation with westerns.  After this, filmmakers realized they could … Continue reading

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The Films of the Decade-An Overview of the films that represent the defining moments of the zeroes

The end of the decade is almost among us.  I still cannot believe it.  I can remember sitting in a theater watching trailers for the first film advertised as coming out in the new millennium (Titan A.E., which I assure … Continue reading

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A (Rather late) Review of V for Vendetta

Yes, this probably should have been posted on November 5th, but I was out of town.  Besides, I would rather distance myself from that holiday as much as possible.  Why? To be frank,  the November 5th demonstrations discriminate against my … Continue reading

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A Review of Purple Rain

Has there ever been a truly great movie starring musicians?  OK, OK, A Hard Day’s Night. What I meant is, is there any film starring a musician who is required to act and give a good performance?  Wait, what’s that?  … Continue reading

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