A Review of Fido

A new technique that I will like to introduce.  Sometimes, films do deserve to be responded to. But they may be, for whatever reasons, not deserving of a full review.  Maybe it is because they are ultimately one trick ponies that do not deserve wide attention.  Or maybe I am feeling lazy.  But this shall be the first capsule review that I do: Fido.

Fido is a zombie film.  This is actually becoming rather tiresome.  Zombie films have been created, remade, deconstructed, spoofed, referenced, and basically are today what the spy film genre was in 2003.  Most zombie films are not even particularly good.  Does Fido do anything to stand out?

In a way.  It’s setting is wholly unique and the film manages to (somewhat) transcend the gimmick and actually give a very nice social critique of corporations.  But its about a subtle as a bomb going off.

Fido takes place in an alternate America which seems stuck in Beaver Cleaver’s backyard.  It appears that, thirty years ago, a zombie outbreak occurred but ZomCorp has stepped in to domesticate zombies.  Now zombies create cheap manual labor.  One zombie is purchased by the Robinson family and is befriended by the boy, Timmy.  Yet the zombies still crave human flesh and Fido proceeds to wreck havoc when his collar that keeps him domesticated malfunctions.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this premise.  And there is nothing really wrong with its execution.  Had Romero’s apocalypse actually happened, the world may very well look like it does today.  And the film takes great care to keep its aesthetics.  Every single bit of technology does resemble 1950s style America.  It is a wonderful film to look at.

But the film also does not really show us anything new.  We have seen zombies used to give social critiques by Romero, and have seen them played as straight comedy…by Romero. We have seen everything this movie can do done by much more creative people.

The film is never loathsome enough to warrant stress or hatred.  But it is not worthy enough to really recommend.  And people who just watch films for gore effects.  The film doesn’t even have a lot of those either. There are better zombie films out there.   Skip this unless you really want to see Carry Anne Moss dressed as a fifties housewife.

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