I will be unavailable for the next few days and thus there will be no new content until at least next Monday, possibly even next Tuesday.  I would like to give a few announcements as to upcoming material.  Mystery Team, the movie made by the people of, will likely be the next movie I review.  Also, I know I have been ignoring most of the blockbuster season, but I plan on reviewing a few that will be released in July, including Inception, Dinner with the Schmucks, and Predators (also Twelve and Countdown to Zero, if I am able to find access to them).  In addition, I do have an idea for another theme month throughout July that I will try to get started next week (you may be able to guess what it is based on the films I have reviewed over the last few days) and, possibly, trying to start a “fad” theme over films that were very popular once but have been subjected to ridicule  (this is not my theme month – this will run concurrently or perhaps come later).  Feel free to check out past reviews and contact me if there is any film you would like to see on here – be it a good film or a bad one.

Oh, and enjoy the Fourth.

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