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A Review of Kill the Irishman

The best thing about Kill the Irishman is its low budget homespun quality. It’s the sort of approach that Martin Scorsese used for Mean Streets. Sadly, the comparison stops there. The film seems content to stay in first gear and … Continue reading

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One From the Heart – A Re-examination (Part One of a Potential Series)

Introduction Not all film directors’ films are received equally by the public. There are a few films in some directors’ filmographies that have become legendary for their failures. Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate is still remembered today as the film that … Continue reading

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A Comparison of the versions of Phantom of the Opera

I don’t know why, but I have always enjoyed the story in The Phantom of the Opera, even when I was young. There was just something about a man who was constantly going mad in his quest to get girls … Continue reading

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A Review of Idiocracy

It seems by this point that everyone and their unborn child has seen this film, loved it, and complained about how it was not released in theaters. And here am I, apparently having missed out on the comedy that is … Continue reading

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