Why I Love Movies (As ripped off from Quint at Aint It Cool News)

Quinn, one of the good critics at Aint It Cool News (Harry Knowles can’t write to save his life) recently posted an article listing all of the reasons he loves movies. You can read it here. I figured that it is an important thing to outline, so I figured I would try it for myself. I want this one to be as interactive as possible, so feel free to leave comments.

Now, onto the actual list. This will be long, and it is not in any particular order.

Why do I love movies?

Because of Peter Sellers explaining how something went wrong with the bomb.

Because of the Ice Dance scene.

Because of the Tea House Shootout in Hard Boiled.

Because women like Diane Kruger, Lily Cole, Sophia Loren, young Sharon Stone, and Paulette Goddard can be preserved forever.

Because of Peter Lorre’s speech at the end of M.

Because Brazil explains my world view more than any other work of art has been able to could.

Because of Samuel L Jackson’s bible quoting in Pulp Fiction.

Because films can provide an outlet for the misfits and outsiders of the world to form a community.

Because of the ending of The Holy Mountain.

Because someone like Sam Peckinpah, who would never find employment in any other field, managed to become one of the most important artists in the medium.

Because of the globe dance in The Great Dictator.

Because of “Rosebud.”

Because of the characters dancing the Madison in A Band Apart.

Because of the Joker’s pencil trick.

Because of all the glorious black and white World War II films my Dad showed me growing up.

Because of the window peeping scene in Animal House.

Because Groucho Marx is one of the finest wordsmiths in history – but books would never have been able to capture that.

Because films usher most people through puberty, whether they acknowledge it or not.

Because the MPAA ratings system gave me a convenient way to track my adolescence.

Because the name on the grave where the money is buried is Arch Stanton.

Because of watching B-movies like Omega Cop with my college roommates while drinking beer, and quoting the film to annoy each other for days afterwards.

Because they helped my Mom get one of her first jobs (she was a projectionist when Star Wars first opened).

Because of Lucabrazzi sleeping with the fishes.

Because “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more!”

Because of the glorious animation in Pink Floyd: The Wall, which compliments some of the greatest rock songs ever written.

Because pretty much all of Double Indemnity.

Because of the opening theme to Django.

Because of the feeling I get when I find a rare DVD for cheap at a used book store.

Because I have seen the growth of Pixar into the most consistently good, imaginative studio in history.

Because of the Hare Krishna zombie in Dawn of the Dead.

Because of Count Orlock rising from his grave.

Because of Ash’s confession scene in Alien.

Because of Goodfellas and how it shows the rise and fall of a man who gets everything, but loses his soul.

Because of Dean Stockwell lip syncing to Roy Orbison.

Because of being so disappointed when Monty Python and the Holy Grail ended.

Because of Wilt Stillman’s scripts.

Because of Mozart’s laugh in Amadeus.

Because of Robocop’s gun.

Because being scared out of my wits the first time I saw The Birds as a kid.

Because of seeing The Room after a Tommy Wiseau Q & A and watching the spoons being flung at the screen.

Because of those countless hours reading “Corona’s Coming Attractions” in my early teens.

Because, for the rest of my life, no matter what happens, films will give me something new to discover, a quick way to expand my perception, and something to talk about at dinner parties.

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3 Responses to Why I Love Movies (As ripped off from Quint at Aint It Cool News)

  1. kedb1964 says:

    Good list, but it’s Dean Stockwell lip synching Roy Orbison in Blue Velvet and not Harry Dean Stanton.

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