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Oscars 2013 Analysis

So, another Oscar ceremony has passed us by. If you watched it (and considering viewership was up 20% over the last year, you probably did), you know that Argo won Best Picture, Jennifer Lawrence tripped while walking to accept her … Continue reading

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A Review of Flashdance

Normally I would try to devote at least some time to analyzing the plot of a film, but that’s downright impossible with this movie. There is no plot, but rather, a collection of music video sequences strung together by featuring … Continue reading

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The 2013 Live Oscar Recap

The Oscars are tonight, which means that tomorrow morning everyone will be complaining about the winners and snubs, the bad hosting, the flat musical numbers, and the fact that it went about an hour over time. But for now, everyone … Continue reading

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A Review of Dead Alive

I realize now that there has been a lull in both this blog and the theater. Once the Oscars are announced, everyone seems to hit pause. Hollywood seems to be waiting until May, when it can release its torrent of … Continue reading

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