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Holy Fandom Overreaction! My Response to Ben Affleck as Batman

In case you have not heard, Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman in Zack Snyder’s follow up to Man of Steel. And the internet is treating this as some sort of hate crime, with demands for justice … Continue reading

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A Review of The World’s End

With The World’s End, Edgar Wright finally completes his Blood and Cornettoes trilogy. This was a trilogy that simultaneously examined the lives of aging Gen Xers realizing that their slacker mentality was becoming pathetically outdated and paid homage to the … Continue reading

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ABC’s non “Betrayal” with Ad, or Why Rebecca Seitz is a Complete and Utter Idiot

I rarely write this sort of article, but I felt the need after seeing the interview and reading about this phony controversy and the woman who was trying to stir it up. I was browsing the CNN website today and … Continue reading

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Hard Target and the Fall of John Woo

I am not sure who the first foreign filmmaker was that decided to emigrate to Hollywood seeking fame, fortune, and artistic satisfaction. A case could be made for Charlie Chaplin. Maybe it was Chaplin’s success that inspired other foreign directors … Continue reading

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The Summer of Failure – How Hollywood Can Eliminate its Blockbuster Mentality

Earlier this year, Steven Spielberg predicted that Hollywood was about to implode due to an increasing dependence on big budgeted event pictures that would be unable to recoup their budget at the box office. Due to a string of failures … Continue reading

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