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A Review of Avatar

Dear Mr. James Cameron, First, I would like to congratulate you on getting the project off the ground.  I know this was a deeply personal project and I wanted to respond to it in a deeply personal way.  Also, the … Continue reading

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A Review of Memento

Memento was the first real new noir film to be released…since Blade Runner really.  When it was released, it started a trend of films playing around with their narrative structure to the point where it almost became a gimmick.  Now, … Continue reading

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Sexual Confusion and Redefining Masculinity in the films of Stanley Kubrick

I have found that Stanley Kubrick’s films cannot be reviewed in the traditional way.  They are so dense, so vibrant, that to take them as a whole would take far too long.  Rather, one has two options.  Kubrick must be … Continue reading

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A Review of Alien Resurrection

When Alien Resurrection was released in 1997, it officially marked the end of any thought being given to the one bright Alien franchise. After the absolute failure of this film,the Aliens would forever be regarded as B-movie monsters whose time … Continue reading

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