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A Review of the Muppets

Reviewing The Muppets is an almost impossible task. Simply put, the film is so self referential that pointing out any of its flaws would only result in eyes rolling. “Of course we are going to use cheap narrative tactics” Kermit … Continue reading

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An Exclusive – a Review of David Fincher’s The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

OK, not really. Instead I wanted to attract attention to a cause that I think everyone needs to be aware of. I normally don’t write posts like this one, but when I saw this video earlier, I knew I had … Continue reading

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A Review of Return of the Living Dead

So it came to pass, in 1985, that the two creators of Night of the Living Dead released competing films. Romero’s Day of the Dead was not a success upon its release, whereas the John Russo scripted Return of the … Continue reading

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A Review of Lenny

Lenny Bruce often tops the lists of the “greatest standup comedians,” but I doubt that anyone today remembers who he is. If they were to listen to his material, they certainly would not be able to recognize why he was … Continue reading

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A Review of Nixon

For about ten years, Oliver Stone enjoyed riding the high horse as America’s greatest renegade filmmaker, a master craftsman who managed to change the way that American society thought about its past. Of course, he fell just as quickly as … Continue reading

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