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My reaction to The Oscars 2012

Ah, the Oscars. In which the stars (including Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Uggie, and Angelina Jolie’s right leg) come out to compete for the big awards. In which memorable moments are viewed by the world (such as Octavia … Continue reading

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2012 Oscar Predictions

With the Oscar ceremony less than a week away, I’ll probably be eating these words on Sunday, so don’t take it too seriously.I will also only be focusing on the big nominations – Best Picture, Best Actor, and the like. … Continue reading

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Why I Love Movies (As ripped off from Quint at Aint It Cool News)

Quinn, one of the good critics at Aint It Cool News (Harry Knowles can’t write to save his life) recently posted an article listing all of the reasons he loves movies. You can read it here. I figured that it … Continue reading

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A Review of A Dangerous Method

David Cronenberg is amongst my favorite living filmmakers. A Dangerous Method demonstrates exactly why. The trailer for the work made the film seem as though it was going to be a sexual thriller, a la Basic Instinct, and would feature … Continue reading

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